New Skool Society ‎– The Natural

the naturalToday’s bargain track is a lively mid 90s number from the New Skool Society.

The New Skool Society was lived project by Reinforced Record veterans DJ’s Stretch and Teebone. Released in 1996, The Natural finds itself slap bang in the middle of the emerging dark techstep drum and bass style, and the more jump up jungle sound.

The track itself is made up several different drum loops, expertly interwoven behind a reese bassline backdrop. Two vocal samples also feature heavily throughout, one I can’t quite make out, but the other gives the track it’s title; repeating “The Natural” over and over.

After a relatively restrained first half, The Natural reaches it’s apex on the second drop. Several breaks enter the fray and the track switches nicely between them, including an apache and just a hint of an amen. The bassline also goes up a notch, and just when you think the drop is done, the obligatory diva vocals appear.

The flip side is not half bad either. Measuring Distance has an element of Bristol about it, but still has the rugged edge of the flip. A steady tune.

Dirt cheap on Discogs, a great tune to spin if you are a 96/97 tip, you can pick it up for around £1.00.

The Natural featured in the mix on Drumtrip Radio #008 by Law, check it out.

*Note: Looks like the YouTube uploader of this track got the image wrong, and the title has since been correctly renamed.

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