Warning presents The Big Fight Live – Judgement Night

Judgement Night, a name I would associate with the likes of 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd and it’s various characters but this was no comic book affair, this was Warning’s headline for it’s 1997 event themed about boxing. Picture the scene, a smokey venue, dimly lit and packed full of junglists waiting for the next tune

Law – Drumtrip Radio #003 [16/04/14]

Myself, Law, returned to Drumtrip Radio for show number three. By popular demand I went for a Simpson’s special show – as in I sampled some choice quotes from the greatest show in TV history, and spliced it with some of the finest jungle 1994/95 (which was when the show was at it’s peak). This selection

Reinforced Dubplate – “What Do Those Faces Tell You”

Today’s ”Tune Of The Day” is a guest post by regular reader Daniel Norman who uncovers this mysterious Reinforced dubplate from 1993. I guess this one might not really class as a tune of the day as you can’t buy it unfortunately, but this track is absolute pure quality. Thankfully nothing to do with 2Unlimited (although maybe that’s

Brian Badonde – Drumtrip Radio #002 [09/04/14]

The second Drumtrip Radio show, recorded on 9th April 2014 and hosted by Dave M aka Brian Badonde! Having recently got hold of some super exclusive unreleased Invisible Man dubplates, Brian’s debut Drumtrip show is a homage Graham Mew, a man also known as Mysteron and Doctor G. A few of these tunes have never been played

DJ Zinc – Innate

A bit of a special bargain jungle track this one. ‘Innate’ first found itself on vinyl via one of Zinc’s lesser known aliases ‘Jack Ruby‘. As Jack Ruby, Zinc experimented with the emerging deep and atmospheric (or Intelligent) sound pioneered by the likes of LTJ Bukem, and released a series of 12″s on Knowledge Records